Joel, thanks for taking the time to think through a book to read. That is one I have seen recommended many times. I look forward reading it and talking about it with some of you.

Mom and company, thanks for posting the portrait of Liesl. It is now my desktop background. That will be fun to show Nessa if she hasn’t seen it yet. She spends so much time drawing now. Most mornings it is the first thing that she does, and she often has a picture ready for me by the time I get my contacts in. Her ideas are so much fun to witness. She has been doing a lot of full family portraits lately. There is usually a generous and varied assortment of pets surrounding us. Eustice the cat is almost always one of them.

Tobin is playing peek-a-boo all the time now. It is adorable to watch him put his fat hands over his eyes and crack a wide grin as you start to wonder aloud where he has gone.

We’ll be praying that Orlando comes ASAP and will be eager to hear how Friday goes if it comes to that.

It struck me today that when the Israelites cried out for help at the opening of the Gideon story, God first sends a nameless prophet to give one of the shortest and simplest oracles in the Bible. Step one in His salvation of them was to remind them of why their relationship was broken in the first place. Immediately after this reminder, however, the LORD himself shows up to save them by means of a cowering saint:

“…But you have not listened to me.”

The angel of the LORD came and sat down … [and] said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” (Judges 6)

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