Hilarious about Micah! So vivid and so funny!

Two intense poems, Jesse! There are lot’s of really good lighter ones, too.

Love to hear of all of you! Yesterday Mommy and I spent the entire afternoon till eight p.m. or so doing a “progressive dinner” with Uncle Michael and Aunt Cathy. First we saw the house that Daniel built for Jenny, now on the market. (Kinda sad–it’s really pretty!) Then a yummy meal at David and Joli’s only about two miles from the Howard’s house. Then mocha coffee and icecream in Jesse and Kendra’s little basement hobbit hole. Then finally tea and almonds with Daniel and Jen in their just-moved-in-a -week-ago cool little apartment with a waterfall, pond (yes, indoors) and many neat design features. All three young couples really blessed by God and happy. Surviving the recession/depression to the glory of God! Meanwhile our younger kids hung out all afternoon at the Howards. When we got back they were in the middle of this wild, funny game I had never seen before. E & E were very happy about “playing outside with the little dog.” We are glad we did it, though it was a long day. Bump drove all the kids home in the van. Mommy and I took my car, and Becky had driven her own car home from the Howards earlier in the day.

Pray! God is good! Love you all!

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