Becky, we’ll be praying for you and Radman!

I’m glad the bio bash went well. As far as the timing of the family reunion, our summer plans are still TOTALLY up in the air and unknown. I don’t think it would make any difference to us if the reunion time was switched to July rather than August. So, the rest of you can all plan around what works best for you all, and let us know. We certainly hope we can join you, whenever it is!

Micah’s talking is continuing to expand very quickly, and he is creative with it now, trying out new ideas and combinations, and substitutions. Micah started saying “Becky” when we were out with all of you at Christmas time, and periodically since then has suddenly said things like, “Where is Becky?” And, a few weeks ago, he started calling our sister in law, Becca, “Becky”. He had never said her name before, and Becky was a name he knew, and pretty close to her name, so it worked well. I guess the success of that substitution encouraged him, and a few days ago, he decided to call Talia “Becky” as well. He has tried to say “Talia” many times. There were a few points where he used her name somewhat regularly (things like “yaya”). But he was evidently never happy with his pronunciation of it. He would never say it on demand, and recently (the day before yesterday), he decided to just plain switch and give her a name he could say. So, now she’s “Becky.” He knows its goofy, and knows it is not her name. He will laughingly insist that it is her name. He uses it consistently. I thought maybe it would just last a day, but this morning the first thing he did when he woke up is wander around looking for Talia saying, “Becky, where are you?”

Right now I can overhear a conversation between Talia and Micah.

Talia: My sweatshirt is blue.
Micah: My eyes blue.
Talia: That toy is blue.
Micah: My eyes blue.
Talia: The pants are blue.
Micah: My eyes blue.

Now they have moved on to Micah pointing at all different stuff and asking what color it is, and Talia telling him, and Micah enthusiasitcally answering “Oh! Okay!”

Yesterday I was out all morning at a Bible study, and when I got home, I walked in the door to see a shocking sight! Joel had buzzed Micah’s hair. He had needed a hair cut badly, and Joel did a good job, using a longer extention on the top, and tapering down. It was just shocking to see at first. I think he looks naughtier now. šŸ™‚ He is also definatey moving into a two-ish stage, very clever and hilarious with finding very destructive things to do. He loves flushing things down the toilet.

Well, we are skipping Sunday school because Micah has a pretty bad cold. But I better get going now and get ready for church. Oh, a funny thing: When we visited Zach’s church, our kids both sat quietly through the whole sermon with hardly a squiggle. I said to Joel afterwards, that when Zach said, “In conclusion…” I was shocked that the sermon was over. It seemed so short! I thought he was just getting good and warmed up. I asked Joel if it was a normal length sermon. And Joel said, “Yeah, it was half an hour, which is pretty normal. Its just that at our church the sermon is a full hour.” LOL! I don’t know why, but that was really funny to me!! I had never realized that they were long sermons, and it made me feel better about our kids getting squiggly– although Talia’s getting quite good about sitting quietly through church, but not Micah.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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