Thank you all for the birthday wishes and calls yesterday. We did have a very nice evening with a couple of folks over for dinner and a huge tiramisu for dessert. We’ve been enjoying those venison baloneys. We just chop them up and use them as well-flavored ground meat since it’s pretty lean. We had that in spaghetti sauce before the tiramisu.

One quick thing I thought I would mention so that people can be aware for this summer: My job is scheduling a couple of weeks of unpaid shut down this year, one of which is in July (probably the week after the fourth weekend, but not 100% sure of that yet). So, that will be a mandatory vacation week and make it unlikely that we’d be able to take any additional time off in August for a family reunion. So, if there is flexibility in anyone else’s schedule it might be good to start looking at that week in July for the family reunion?

We love you all and think of you constantly. Odie missed sharing daddy’s birthday but he still has a shot at Friday the 13th and Valentines day…

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