Today, for my post, I decided to paste a few excerpts from emails that I sent Joel today, rather than type up some thing new. I do not usually send Joel long emails during the work day, but today doing so helped me to enjoy the way our day has been going. So here they are:

Micah has been on a peeing rampage, peeing everywhere but on the potty: on me, our bedroom floor, his bedroom floor, the bathroom floor… (multiple times in some of those places.) I decided though that I’m (this sentence was just interrupted by needing to go, yelling, “Stop, Micah! Stop!” and putting him on the potty, and cleaning up yet another pee pee spot.) But to continue the sentence… I’m done with daipers for him. I don’t want to go back to them, even if he continues to do poorly for a while with the potty training. He understands it, and can do it, and he’ll get it again at some point. Now he just got a bunch of spoons from the kitchen and is standing on the stool in the bathroom, putting his spoons under the tap and then drinking water from them. He is enthralled with this activity, which he did for a long time yesterday as well. (Inspired by my being a puppy dog yesterday, and Talia using spoons to give me water.)

Hi again, as soon as I hit send and got up, I was reminded of something else Micah has been doing that I wanted to tell you about. I was reminded, because I walked into our bedroom (I thought he was still in the bathroom drinking from a spoon.) As I walked in our room, Talia announced, “Micah’s putting shampoon on the rug again!” Micah has been getting out shampoo bottles and squirting shampoo on the carpet all over in our room, in an effort to help cleanup the pee pee everywhere. The shampoo is much harder to clean up than the pee!!! So now our carpet smells strongly of strawberry smoothy… and pee.

The latest breaking news on Micah Poortenga:
I was helping Talia stir up a bowl that so far only had oil and water in it (mostly oil). She had a little dolly “helping” her. Micah found another doll, which he calls “Mia” (like Maria), and he wanted his dolly to help too. I had given him the measuring cup with a little water in it, which he was happy with, until all of a sudden when my back was turned, he reached up and pulled the mixing bowl off the table, spilling oil all over Talia, his own hat, the kitchen floor, and the living room carpet. Oil. So, then I had more clean up to do, and I’m not sure how many things may have permanent oil stains. So, now we’ve had first hand experience with an oil spill. Talia just said, “I call it the oil-most water spill.”

Now he is “safely” contained in his highchair, and I am cooking him some Ramen noodles, which I had to saw a large hunk off of before cooking, because they were black and gritty, from having been dragged in from the car to the house– sentence interrupted for potty trip– by Micah as he helpfully brought in groceries the other day.

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