What a surprise.

Thank you:
Liesl, Luke, Isaac, Becky, Katie, Joel, Talia, Micah, Kevin, Jessica, Sadie, Odie, Jesse, Elizabeth, Nessa, and Tobin – one and all.

I’m sure having a flute will inspire me to make choices in life in the right direction! It will be a great pleasure to make music with all of you. Thank you.

Thank you for all the birthday calls, and posts and wishes and for the yummy salmon dinner, Becky, and the beautiful table and hanging balls Luke, Liesl and Isaac.

Today I am OVERWHELMED with preparing and finalizing our biology class units on evolution and intelligent design. I feel like there is SO MUCH to read, research, and talk about and SO little time to do it all. It is very difficult to know what to include and what to leave unsaid. May God bless my feeble limited efforts, and be glorified.

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