Well, I tried fifteen times to put color in the words of my happy birthday post, Mom. But for some reason the blog site was fighting me for all it was worth. I’m going to leave it like it is. The colors are in random places, not the colors I had chosen, and some random things are still not colored at all, but it is a lot better than most of the times I’ve tried. I would elaborately choose a color theme, carefully color each word (some times each letter) so that there was a great color scheme in the post and it looked ‘perfect’, and then I would publish it and it would be almost all black, with a random color or two here or there (often not even the colors I chose). I should have added to that post that you are the best color-scheme-matcher ever!! 🙂 And I wanted to have your post be beautifully color schemed, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. I also took a video this morning of the kids saying happy birthday to you, but that was also blocked by blogger when I tried to load it. I tried for forty-five minutes to let it load, and it wouldn’t. So, maybe I’ll try once more later today to make that birthday post the way I wanted it to be, but for now I better leave it as it is.

Dad, I’m glad you can hear again! Does the cleaning seem to have helped Laina’s ability to hear as well? Yikes! None of us have been to the dentist in about five years (which of course means never for the kids.) I don’t like to think about it. We don’t have dental insurance.

Wow! How exciting to have the sailboat motor working! Good work, Kevin! Joel and I have been thinking that a sail from the Maryland coast down to the North Carolina coast would be a lovely little trip to take in that boat!

On Sunday, we went down to Escondido and attended Zach Keele’s OPC church, which meets on the campus of Westminster West. After church we spent the afternoon at Zach and Tovauh’s. We all had a great time visiting with them, and playing with their fun little boys. They have a wonderful little farm setting. Zach said it was a southern California version of Rivendell in PA. They send their greetings to you all.

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