Isaac, I had never been to your website or known you had one until today. I think it is really cool in a just-right, not overdone but still incredibly neat, way! I am one of those whose desire for their own website is very, very deep, probably mostly because I don’t know anything about making them, but I had been looking at B&B websites for ideas about the kind of things we want on ours eventually and have begun to take a critical eye. Yours is so perfect. Anyway, cheers!

Sadie is talking so much it’s amazing. She has become VERY bossy, telling me, in a much more commanding voice than I have ever been able to make come out of my throat,to “come Mommy!” or “sit Mommy!” Or saying, “No, I want pop-corn!” when I ask her if she wants a “prune”. In the most decisive tones. . . and saying an infinite number of additional things that I can’t remember right now, which are so decisive, precise, commanding, etc. that I’m practically terrified of how I will ever be able to handle her once she becomes half an hour older. Thank God for the commandments not to worry about tomorrow!

On the other hand, she has become so much funnier now that she’s talking in sentences. She’s particularly fond of drawing pictures of apples and poop! 🙂 Don’t ask me! . . . I told her they could really be one in the same, but she didn’t get it. She has switched her favorite movie from “Madigascar” to “Cars”, which is just as well since we can all quote Madigascar backwards already, do the voices, and sing the rediculous “Move-It!” song without mistakes.

I am growing more and more jumpy as I think to myself, “any day now, any moment of any day now, maybe even this afternoon, what was that I just felt…” It seems like the slowest month of my life, and I am only counting from last week. But I have several jobs now, doing taxes for people because it’s that time of year and I am enjoying that very much.

This morning Sadie and I are going to play with her intended ;), Noah Ojala, for an hour or two. We enjoy our visits with the Ojala’s very much, so we feel ourselves particularly blessed today.

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