I wouldn’t describe Talia’s helpfulness as 100% either! 😀 I couldn’t describe my own that way either–by a long shot. Elizabeth, California has all the milk and honey in a rather Canaanite way (prior being given to the Israelites). 🙂 My thought about Joel’s Orthanc movie (besides laughing) was “finally, good triumphs over evil in California.” I’m mostly kidding–there is certainly lots to love and be thankful for about living here. (Oh, I tried turning the brightness of our screen all the way up to watch that movie, and it looked a lot better. I don’t know if its dark on your computers or not, but it was on ours.)

I can’t believe Tobin is already starting to talk! Wow! We’d love to see his picture! Nessa, being a seal trainer sounds like a super fun job! I hope next time we see you, we can pretend that we’re at a circus together and I can see how you train the seals.

Luke, it was fun to read a story from your Thailand trip! Thanks for posting that. It was great to talk with you guys last night too! I hope that all the sickness is almost gone this morning! Isaac, you’re a genius. 🙂 Its so cool to see some of your projects!

I mostly got on here to post a little story from yesterday. Yesterday morning at church after Sunday school, I took Talia to the bathroom, so she wouldn’t need to go during the service. As I started to pull down her little underpants, I thought, “what is she wearing? A daiper?” It took me a moment to realize that she was wearing four or five pairs of underwear, one on top of the other. I burst out laughing! Talia looked at me with her mischievious little grin, and said, “Was that a good little joke, Mom?” I laughed so hard. That morning Joel had gotten her dressed in her little dress, but we had told her to choose out some underwear and put it on. She had thought of her funny little trick and not said a word about it until I had discovered it. It was hilarious to me. Later, as we were leaving church, I picked up Talia with a little grunt and she said, “Did you forget about my ten pounds of underwear, Mom?”

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