It is fun to read everyone’s posts. A bit quiet from FL lately, especially from Jessica. We look forward to seeing your pictures, Luke, whenever that can work out. Sorry some of you WVs were sick and we missed you yesterday. We enjoy the library here, too, but next to ours is the back parking lot of a shopping mall. California really does have all the milk and honey!

Well, Elsie & Elaina – we PA Hake’s aren’t nearly 100%, yet, either. 😉 We will meet you in Heaven when we have reached perfection – deal?

Tobias is starting to say “Mama,” “Dada,” and “uh-oh.” Of course, he isn’t fully connecting those sounds with their meanings, but it’s all rolling around in him and will come soon enough. He is able to stand up by just putting a hand against the wall, now, and he can pretty much walk all the way around the perimeter of a room by holding on to walls and furniture. Last week he had a check-up and is in the 40th percentile for height and weight. After all these 10th percentile girls, he seems huge, but is just actually perfect. We got a good picture of his mohawk that we’ll have to email sometime.

Nessa has decided that Jesse is so silly he belongs in a circus. She often says, “Dad! You crack me up! You should join a circus!” She also has decided that she would like to join the circus as a seal-trainer, not a horse-trainer. I am slightly relieved that her horse love is fading, since we would never be able to afford a horse. Seals are so out of the question, that I will never feel bad about not being able to get her one of those.

Jesse has been disappointed this winter by several forecasts of snow, but none of them have amounted to much. He really wants a “snow day” off from school. 🙂

Tonight I will be attending a meeting organized by a lady in our church who homeschools and has started up a homeschooling group. There are a couple other (big) ones in the area, too. I’m not sure if any of them will be exactly what I would want ideally. Basically, I think my idea is taking more of an “organic” approach, more like the “unschooling” movement. I’m not interested in groups for academic purposes, just for play times/extracurricular activities for the kids. Oh, well, I’ll see what their ideas are. 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

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