So much fun to have K & J more “active.” Your life sounds so nice! Libraries are great, huh, Talia! We really enjoyed babysitting Micah. Sounds like even more fun now. Talia as “thoughtful helper” is wonderful. E & E really mean well, and are very sweet, but not quite 100% yet! 🙂

Really enjoyed that story, Luke! So glad the trip went so well, and very eager to hear and see more!

The Orthanc video was hilarious!

Bump, I couldn’t figure out all the details of the page of code (!), but I’m really impressed! You are amazing!

God is good! Pray for us. Faye has been real sick, but is getting better. Big week, as usual. I’ve got to meet with all the professors, discuss student evals from last fall, etc. Pray! Thank you!

Now using my new Palm after frying my old one and being without for several months. Fun!

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