Hello Everyone 

It is good to be home again. The trip was amazing. I realy don’t know where to start. It was really neat to get out of my normal weekly routine and see some of what God is doing in other parts of the world. I could probably write a fifty page review of the trip and an entire book about what I learned. However, that might be too much for tonight. I think I will just share a few of the things God taught me on the trip.  

During the entire trip I kept wondering why I was so unusually clumsy, forgetful, and generally stupid. I tried so hard to take care of everything on my own and be responsible. But despite my efforts, things never seemed to work out as smoothly as I hoped they would. This pattern climaxed in a rather humorous story. I shall tell it briefly. It was the end of the last day of the conference. It had been a long and tiring day and we had just had our final group meeting and were now dispersing to go to our rooms and then out in little groups to get dinner and go to the night market. The first thing I neglected to do was to find a group to go with. Instead I went straight to my room to do a few last minute things before dinner. Thankfully Mr. Gilbert (the director of TPS) must have been looking out for me because he found two kids and told them I needed a group. So they graciously agreed to bring me. One of them, Katherine, came to tell me. I heard a knock on the door and assumed it was my roommate. I didn’t respond right away but eventually opened the door. I was surprised to see her standing there and was glad when she offered for me to accompany them. I started rushing around wildly trying to make sure everything valuable was gathered (passport, wallet, Camera, etc.) so I could lock them in my suitcase. When she told me to hurry and that people were literally holding the elevator doors open for us, I thought she was joking. At last I had locked the suitcase and started to run out the door. Now here I must stop to insert a detail that needs to be known. The hotel in which we were staying only gives you one key per room and that key must be stuck to a magnate on the wall inside for the electricity in the room to work.  And it is kind of a pain if you leave it on the wall and then close the door which automatically locks behind you.  Anyway, so back to our story… I was running out of the room at top speed when I heard someone scream “THE KEY!!!” but before those two words registered in my thick head, I had already slammed the door. Realization dawned as I saw Katherine laughing hysterically along with all the people in the glass elevator waiting for me. I was so embarrassed. All I could do was laugh with them. I think God must have been laughing too. I had tried so hard to be on top of things and not hold anyone up or cause any extra trouble and this was the extent of my accomplishment. Numerous things happened like this throughout the week and I was a little bit frustrated and confused (not to mention embarrassed), but the last night we were all together, during devotions, God told me why they had been happening and that I just needed to rely on him for everything and he would give my the strength and clarity of mind to do his will. 

That turned out to be a pretty long story. I have others but they will have to wait. Thank you all so much for yours prayers. God really blessed the trip. Everyone who went learned a lot and grew; it was so amazing to see them change over the week.  

God bless,


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