Hi, it’s Joel. I’m glad to be back on here. I’ve been a daily reader, but the school firewall won’t let me post.

Nice essay, Isaac. Fun and thoughtful! Also fun to have the bubblegum skit available to show friends! Looking forward to R&J (no rush, though).

We now have a home phone number, and we will probably get rid of the cell phones soon. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to post the number here, so look for an email from us. If you don’t get one (especially if you’re a not-immediate-family-blog reader), please ask us for the number.

I had an idea for a silly project we could work on casually over the blog. I was thinking that once in a while I might ask for suggestions of word or phrase types that I would put in a list and stick in Isaac’s combinationizer program. I could put some results on the blog from time to time, or we could run the program when we’re together as a family , and it could end up quite fun. (if you haven’t seen the program in use yet, I think you’ll like it)

If you’re up for it, here are two things you could suggest (as many as you want):
1. Emotions
2. An ending to the phrase, “I was surprised to learn that some…”

Enjoy your MLKJ day tomorrow!:)

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