Drove to school this morning quite early. I start classes and am not quite ready (!!). Dark, cold, with some snow on the roads. Very wintery. Slowed me down a bit, but I made it. Listening to Robert Greenberg on Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.” Fabulous.

Otto’s happy birthday last night. He got about eleven pounds of butterfingers, among other things. Sweet and sour pork and yummy apple cake. Not exactly DASH, but delicious. Thank you, Faye!

I guess you all saw Luke’s email to Isaac and Liesl. Made me cry. God bless you, Luke! Love you!

Pray for Mom and the big push to get Isaac’s college aps off. It also means taxes and FAFSA. Remember that??? 🙁 Mom is pretty stressed. Pray that God’s will be done! Also bio tomorrow. Still a big challenge.

Appreciate prayer for first classes today and tomorrow. I am energized, but more aware than ever how much I need God’s grace!

Sorry your return to work was hard, Kev. What are the names of your rentors?

God bless and keep you all. Gotta get at things! (I’ve begun peeking at Yahoo weather each morning. Kinda fun. Feel like a cyber-farmer!)

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