Thanks, Jesse. It looks like it’ll work well for R&J–hopefully it will be able to handle the faster frame rate.

Last Sunday evening we all relaxed in the living room for a while and used Combinationizer to play that sentence game that the Gaiges tought us. I saved a couple and thought I’d post them for everyone’s enjoyment.

I got Combinationizer to use the correct gender for each sentence based on the name it chose. =) I demolished that feature, though, in favor of much better idea I came up with a few days ago. Anyway, here they are:

After she played hookie, Becky clapped her hands among the stacks of toilet paper because she had missed her medication.

Last spring, Prof. Stump killed a chicken at the top of Mount Doom because it made him happy.

Last spring, Becky took a bath in a fish tank to cause pain.

Last winter, Sadie floated around like a ghost in a black box for the good of all.

After her last piano lesson under the table, Sonya floated down to earth among the stacks of toilet paper for her own selfish reasons.

During elevensies, Adam Carman grinned toothily at Isaac in the white house because it made him happy.

Hope you are feeling better, Jessica!!

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