Christmas was a delightful and refreshing time for the Hbg. Hakes. Thanks again to Dad, Mom and all the “little” WV Hakeses. We will be praying for the last minute Thailand preparations for Luke and the rest of you.

Kevin and Jess, do they figure in the factor that Sadie is in the bottom 5th percentile weight-wise where obesity has been declared a national epidemic? We’ll be praying for Jess’ full recovery. May the coconuts bring you all back to the peak of FL health.

I was hit with the “croup” right after we got back and ran a fever and a soar throat that got me out of the first day of school (along with two of the other upper school staff, making it a very grim first day for the remainder). It has been a rough reentry since then. I feel pretty good physically, but sound like the grim reaper. Classes and school in general have been going well nonetheless. Tobin has been keeping up a sad little runny nose and Nessa has had a slight fever but Elizabeth is holding out like the Bastille.

The initial feedback that I have received on my text book plans are generally positive and encouraging.

Nessa, Tobin and I were at the library tonight and found a book relating the true story of Sea Biscuit (the race horse) for children. Nessa has watched a very corny old movie version staring a grown up Shirley Temple many times and was enthralled by the story book version (which was much better than the old movie or the newer one for that matter). Yesterday, during her quiet time, Nessa drew me a picture of Cogsworth (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast). She hasn’t ever seen the whole movie, but has seen trailers and a little story book or something months ago. Anyway, the picture was of a round smiling face with stick arms and legs and all around his face were little random letters and “numbers” that looked like ancient runes.

Elizabeth signed up for five nights in a row starting tonight and going into this weekend, so pray for her. It will be remarkable if her Bastille-esque resistance to disease holds out. She said that the glass cutter guy was out of the home last Saturday night and that made the atmosphere much more comfortable there. At his request, he was brought to the hospital and hopefully will be able to stay there awhile.

I told some of my students today that the Chinese character for “strife” was two women under one roof, but found out online that that is an urban legend. Is that right? The character for peace (“an”) is one woman under a roof, but there is evidently no character with two women under a roof. I thought I remembered hearing that from Dad or another reliable source, but perhaps not.

Kevin, I’ve been giving some thought to the first installment as well and look forward to getting something down and to hearing from you.

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