Thanks for the post, Dad. We’ll be praying for all the usual activities and the unusual ones up there. We miss you all a lot already. Luke, make sure you put that camera to good use in Thailand the next few weeks!

It was a long drive back down to Florida (17+ hours for a running total of nearly 60 hours for the holidays) and Jess’s cough turned into walking pneumonia during the drive down here and she was pretty miserable yesterday and last night. But the antibiotic from the ER yesterday seems to be kicking in now and she’s at least able to breath and lie down at the same time.

Merchie had her check up today and has dropped to the 5th percentile in weight but is still at the 75th for height. She has been really happy to be able to go outside easily again (it’s AC weather down here again).

Jess and I had a big push to get done the last urgent bank work for the B&B that today was the very last day for. I ran over and made the last deposit to get the cash all straightened out a few minutes before the bank closed. Hopefully no unexpected expenses come up tomorrow before the next pay check shows up on Thursday. Poor Jess. She’s the only trustee for one of the accounts so I had to drag her with her pneumonia all over town to get things signed and set up yesterday and today.

I just husked about 20 coconuts Jess’s mom picked up off the side of the road. So we’ll hopefully find time to get those cleaned and ground up sometime this week. We’ve been enjoying having lots of good, fresh coconut in the freezer for granola, cookies, etc.

Well, sounds like dinner is on and Jess is out of the tub so I better sign off. We love you all! Jesse, I’ll try to find a little time before work starts up again to start on my half of the dueling memoirs…

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