First post-Christmas post!!!

Wonderful to see all of you!

All home safely. Very thankful. Crashed yesterday, as you can all imagine and each of you did in your own ways, I’m sure. “Quiet” (!) with just the eight of us! Faye and Iwatched an intelligent design video for an hour last night from ten to eleven after I finished the dishes. For her bio class. Very interesting, but we were sleepy!

Back in the thick of it, as are all of you. Mommy feeling overwhelmed with a million things (spring semester bio prep leading the list). Please pray for her!

Water softener working well. Draining with no leaks. Very thankful!

Luke flies to Thailand on Thursday. Isaac working hard on three college applications. Please pray for those things too. And keep praying for Kevin in Iraq!

Love you all very much! Thank you again for coming!

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