Micah is a very “active auditor” (!!!). Talia gets an A+ for patience. That was really cute!

Wonderful to have Bump back with us–thank you, God!

You all can call Grandpa. Call the nurses’ station and they will give the phone to Grandpa. They do this all the time. Would be nice to give him even a very brief call–five minutes is plenty!

Faye, we need to get the nurse number up on the blog. I don’t have it here.

Fun to take part in Jesse’s “Vittles Moot” yesterday at his school. We all sat around (faculty, couple “guests” and a few students), ate, and discussed some selected topics. All the other students sat in a big circle around us and ate their lunches and listened. Kinda neat. They seemed to enjoy it!

So looking forward to seeing you all soon!

We are almost at the very end of Potter number seven (last book). Such a fun cliffhanger! I told everyone last night when I got back from my trip to Jesse and Elizabeth’s and we were settling down to a few more chapters that the main reason I came home was to listen to the story. Course I also came home to see all of them …. šŸ™‚ !!!

Better get back to the grind!

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