Hello dear family,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you have all enjoyed a wonderful day. We had a busy and fun day. Joel and I had a date night last night, while his parents watched Talia and Micah. We ended up not getting home and to bed until very late. So this morning Joel let me sleep in a while, and then we listened to a sermon while we baked apple pies, made dried apple rings, and cooked sweet potatoes. Then we packed everything up and came over to the Poortenga’s. Joel went a picked up a friend of ours who is homeless and was able to join us for Thanksgiving. Talia, Maria, and I cut out a bunch of cookies, and then decorated them with a great abundance of colorful icing and sprinkles. And then Mike and Becca arrived, and the whole family, plus our friend Joe, enjoyed a huge feast. Then we all took a walk, and now people are resting and digesting. Joel is watching a documentary with Micah and Talia about Meerkats. 🙂

The kids and I have been a bit sick, but nothing too bad. It has been really nice to have Joel have a couple days off. We’re looking forward to the rest of the weekend and hopefully getting to do a few special things that we haven’t been able to get around to during our normal schedules.

Recently God opened up an neat opportunity for us to share the gospel with a family from China who live in our complex. They have two kids, and we met them at the good ol’ playground. The lady, Shirley, is interested in Christianity, and so we have started to study the Bible together. It was super exciting to me to be able to try to explain to her the overall message of the Bible, presenting the gospel story. She seemed to understand the idea, and said that she had never heard that before, and she told me later that she had explained it to her husband, and that he was interested in it as well. They still do not believe in God, but we are praying that God will grow the seeds that are there. It has been a learning experience for me as well! I’ve never really done anything quite like this before. She gives our kids loads of Chinese snacks and cookies, which is less than ideal for their nutrition, but is fun to see them enjoying lots of the same treats I remember fondly.

In our hurry to get out of the house today, I didn’t bring any pictures to put on the blog, although I’m eager to put some more on here. But I did just remember one quote from Talia. She and Micah were playing, and she made some sort of hood and robe for him out of a Towel, and put it on his head. And then she paraded around behind him, announcing, “Micah is the queen! Micah is the queen! He does dishes while the rest of us sleep!” LOL Where she got her ideas of the role of a queen I am not quite sure.

We are hoping-hoping we can see you all for Christmas!


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