K & J – are those names you are considering or is that going to be your son’s name? If that’s it, with the two middle names, I realized that his initials will be O.A.T.H. Jesse decided that ‘Oath,’ itself, would make a good first name for a boy. Hmm?

We wish you all a peaceful, filling, meaningful Thanksgiving.

I am excited to be leaving for Maine either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing my family, of course, as well as three friends who I’ve known since grade-school. I am also looking forward to being able to be in Maine in and of itself. I suppose it will always be where I feel the most “at home” and the most “myself.”

We enjoyed a brief visit with the WV Hake’s on Sunday. It was like a preview of coming attractions in a month. We are really looking forward to seeing everybody at Christmas. How special it will be that we will all be together, it sounds like! (Except for Kevin Radman.)

By the way, Becky’s car is quite cute with the bumper stickers. 😉

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