We’re chilly down here the last few days. Jess and I built a fire outside for Sadie this afternoon and I have to wear my fuzzy feet on the stone floors inside to keep blood circulating in my toes.

Wish we were coming home for Thanksgiving as well, but we’re looking forward to Christmas in WV. I guess this cold weather is good preparation for that.

Liesl, after trying to build a 3-D model of the cabin, I wound up sinking the whole cabin into the ground a bit more so that we could get two-stories worth of height without it looking too funny on the outside. Basically you walk in the front door and immediately descend some steps into the living area. The back door by the dining room would enter in to a kind of “hole” dug behind the house which exposes the back of the cabin to provide some windows there. Here’s an updated sketch.

Well, better go help Jess get Merchie out of the tub.

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