I thought you guys might be curious to see a first draft of the cabin. It’s small for a family to squeeze into (about 650 square feet plus the loft) but hopefully it will be homey and comfortable enough to make up for it. 🙂 The six foot wide front door in this sketch makes it look smaller than it is. Start dreaming of some finishing ideas, Joel… We’ll need some clever Brown family folks to start coming up with some pretty rock work especially for the patio to begin with.

We decided to go with Grey Havens after all for the name. I know it’s not very authentic to the Hobbit feel specifically, but it doesn’t reek of Tolkien to normal people and Jess and I both like the understated simplicity of it. I’m pretty sure we’ll never live long enough to do our original Grey Havens idea on the West coast. Please pray that God blesses this undertaking as it will surely take a miracle to get things rolling efficiently!

Jess and I are both doing well and are happy. Sadie is going through a “learning to accept discipline from Mommy” stage and got about 30 spankings before going down for her nap today Jess told me. 🙁 We’re really enjoying some wonderful times of fellowship with our small group and my work is puttering along at a pretty undemanding pace at the moment (but without showing too many signs of drying up completely). Little Orlando Aidden Truitt Hake (probably, still) is doing well. I get to feel him kicking about pretty often now. He seems a little more laid back than Sadie was in utero so hopefully that will carry over into post partum life.

Wish we could be there to hear all the concerts. Can Isaac’s computer record and post them online?

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