It is so wonderful to have pictures on here from the Poortengas. We enjoyed sitting together as a family and perusing them.

Here is a conversation that I just had with Nessa that included many delightful turns. When Elizabeth was going out to vote, I told Nessa that I had already been out to vote earlier. Nessa told me that only men should vote. I asked why and she said it was because of the Mary Poppins movie. I told her that was just because at one point in history ladies had not been allowed to vote but wanted to be able to vote. Her eyes immediately got very bright and she said, “Does that mean that the Mary Poppins movie is a real story just like the Balto movie?” I explained that only parts of the move were real history and that most of it was just pretend like riding on flying horses. She responded that there is another kind of flying horse called a pegasus. “It is on another world far away that we have to get to with a special spaceship.” She decided it would be fun to go there and find a baby one for our basement. Then she asked, “Are people allowed to drive in special space ships?”

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