Hi everyone! Sadie and I are holding up at a very nice Marriot hotel in Raleigh while Kevin gets trained this week. It is very, very cold for us. In fact, our realtor, Mary, just called me to congratulate me once again on last Thursday’s purchase of this weekend’s camping ground and to let me know that last night it SNOWED on our “little piece of heaven”… to quote from Sadie’s favorite movie. So, everyone pack warm. Sadie and I will be heading off to Goodwill here in Raleigh pretty soon to look for some warmer clothes for me and then to WalMart for some gloves for Kevin. We absolutely cannot wait for Saturday to arrive!!!! I bought lots of hot chocolate packets on sale; if you guys would be good enough to bring a pot to heat water in that would be good.

We are awful glad you’re done with last weekend’s banquet. It sounds like it has been really hard on you all. 🙁 The pictures on Facebook were fun though, especiailly of Liesl.

Tomorrow morning I’m taking Sadie (probably more for my own amusement than for hers)to Mordecai Historical Park here in Raleigh. We’ll let you know if that’s worth seeing. And then, tomorrow evening we are going to have supper with Kevin’s Aunt Ginny which should be very nice.

Desperately looking forward to seeing you all so soon!

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