Hi everyone. Nessa enjoyed some more food today. Elizabeth said she (Nessa) just couldn’t stop smiling. She doesn’t swallow much of it apparently, but she sure enjoys munching on mushy stuff.

Today I heard about a bizarre mystery that has found a niche in pop culture (most notably in the music of the band Wilco and the soundtrack of the film Vanilla Sky). Some of you may have heard about them before, but it was new to me. “Number Stations” are shortwave radio broadcasts that have been baffling and spooking hobbyists since the mid 70s. There is still no official explanation for them, but it is widely agreed that they are encrypted messages between various intelligence services and their agents in the field. There is a free collection of them at: The Numbers Game. The best story about them was done by Lost & Found Sound, and it needs to be listened to for the full effect obviously. There are many other websites of course. One the first times this hit the pop culture scene was when a CD of recordings was released by the Conet Project a couple years ago.

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