Hi Katie, Joel, Becky, Kevin, Elizabeth, and Jesse:

I don’t want to loose complete contact over these crazy weeks. I love you. I think of you each and pray for you each.

Praying for Ray, Kevin, and for the codes, and the course. The trip down to see you, Kevin, is what we have to look forward to when all this insanity passes. It keeps us going.

To you Hakes, Nessa is SO CUTE! I can’t stand it. I long to sit in a rocker and just enjoy her. Sunday, Nov 21.

Becky, I hardly see you any these days either! I am praying for you as you consider the next step! And I look forward to this all being behind us so we can sit and talk. By the way, when we come in exhausted at night and pass by a cleaned up kitchen and dishes washed in the drain, I bless your name as I fall into bed. Hope your last weeks at Rose Hill are going ok.

Joel and Katie, agonizing with you over the dsicomfort and nausea, praying for speedy relief, and praying for your abilityto survive this month is such close proximity to us and have wonderful quiet times together. Praying for applications and God’s direction and blessing on future plans.

I really think God is at work in the lives of the kids in this play and I can see all kinds of potential for growth and maturity and blessing on relationships. By God’s grace adults helping out are also growing closer, and folks we are working with in the public high school are already opening up and sharing needs. Pray that we will be a light. Pray for the secretary that has shared her family struggles and asked a lot of questions about New Hope church.

We have rehearsals every day from 4:30- 9:00 pm, and I spend every morning and early afternoon on the phone or emailing, trouble shooting, covering needs and addressing things all related to the play. Homeschool is on hold for two weeks, or rather, homeschool is the play and the power point these two weeks, I have no time to buy groceries, cook, or do laundry. My head is constantly spinning with the details to be worked out. In the midst of head spinning responsibilities , I realize how very dependent on all of my wonderful family’s hard work and resourcefulness I have always been in these kind of times. I am hard pressed to pull it off. Isaac, Luke and Liesl are rising to the cause! They suffer the same childhood all of you did. Daddy is being incredibly suportive and so sweet. Beyond the call of duty. I feel very loved and cared for by him. He is now coming out to the rehearsals after work everyday. It is very strengthening to have him there. I love him. Despite Daddy’s help, and the maturing helpfulnees of Isaac, Luke, and Liesl, I confess that in my desperation to secure people that could make things work, “get it” quickly, and creatively accomplish what needs doing, I think of Katie, Becky, Kevin, and Jesse very often (not to mention Elizabeth and Joel) , and rue the fact that you are all grown and off thinking up and tackling the monster projects that God plants in your own hearts. For Narinia and the North! For the kingdom! Subdue the earth and spread his glory! 🙂 Peace and mercy on you. And may you inherit only a mild dose of my genes. 🙂 Mom

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