The election results are both exciting and sobering. Such a big victory is a great opportunity. I pray Christians and conservatives make wise use of it. Republicans expanded their majority in the House and Senate and the new republican congressmen are more conservative on average than the previous republican congressmen. Just about the only thing republicans don’t have is complete control of the Senate. (You need 60 votes to get virtually anything done in the Senate.)

The rise of the “religious right” is being talked about endlessly in the media. And everyone is saying what a surprise it was that “moral issues” was given by most people as their top voting priority in red swing states. Christians are in the spotlight, and I hope that they can be humble and keep working hard. By God’s grace, the “religious right” needs to win people’s hearts, not just political contests.

I have also heard over and over about what an amazing “get out the vote” effort republicans pulled off. Democrats broke all kinds of records, but republicans broke the same records by even more. From what Dad and Mom were saying, it sounded like PHC students had a share in that.

Yesterday at work several of my colleagues wore all black clothing or black arm bands. Some were in tears at times. The level of hurt and disappointment is running high. It is something that I have not really experienced before after a presidential election.

Well, that is all I have time to share now. I just wanted to try and express a few of those thoughts.

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