Well it seems pretty clear that President Bush will be officially declared at some point today. It was encouraging to see so many senate races turn out favorably as well (Daschle-Thune and, after it’s finished being contested, Castor-Martinez). There is a tiny bit of hope that any court appointments Bush makes might actually live long enough to sit on the bench.

I drove up to Daytona after lunch yesterday and helped with the Rockwell pitch last night here at school and will spend the next two days behind the table taking resumes and smiling for 9 hours straight. Should be good. The timing is terrible for Rockwell, with our Boeing PDR coming up so soon and some long-time HR people who have moved on to other things just this past week. The guy who is heading us up at this fair is a scream. He takes everything so seriously, which is good. We do want to attract the best students, but he makes it seem like some blood sport where we have to tear them out of the jaws of other employers.

Am praying for Kate’s nausea to be over soon. Glad to hear Jess and Lizz and Nessa got out to participate in the fun yesterday.

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