We just voted. It is a beautiful day and we walked with Nessa to the school where we vote. On the way home we had an adventure taking a short cut under some power lines and through peoples’ backyards. It cut a huge piece of the trip off, but it required a little more jogging through peoples’ backyards with our stroller than we had anticipated.

Joel, we enjoyed your poem. We will pray that Katie does feel better quickly. Thanks for the tip about the possible renegade WV elector. That would be an awful result if he turned the election. Unlikely, but certainly possible at this point.

Kevin, we are thinking of you in the ultimate swing state of Florida. What a lot of news coverage that state gets these days. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Luke!

We enjoyed being with you for the party and hope that you are feeling completely better now. It is exciting to think about all the great abilities that God has given you already at the age of 13.

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