Lora DeMaar mentioned to me in an email that she heard that a republican member of the electoral college in WV has threatened to vote against party lines, even if Bush wins the state. I can’t find much information on it, only this reference to it in one news article:

A Republican elector in West Virginia, South Charleston Mayor Richie Bobb, has already hinted he might break ranks with the party and throw his vote to a third candidate, even if Bush sweeps the state, a move that in case of an electoral tie would hand the presidency to the Democrat.

Such “faithless electors” have surfaced in the past but never when an election has been close enough for the vote to matter.

My automatic reaction is to want to “make ‘im an offer he can’t refuse,” which obviously is not an appropriate response. I am inclined to think that the electoral college is a good system overall, but something like this makes me think twice. Some states have laws that the electorates must vote according to party line, and others have pledges that they have to make before being selected. West Virginia (along with many other states) has neither of these. Anyways, I thought everyone might be interested to hear that unsettling bit of news.

Kevin, thanks for posting the pictures of the eclipse. We didn’t see it here. I had been looking forward to it ever since you mentioned it on the blog, but when the night actually came, I was so tired I complete forgot about it and was in bed long before the event. The next day I was sad when I realized I had missed the eclipsed, but I heard later that it was too cloudy in this area to see it any way. I also really liked the newest bloom pictures! It is beautiful. Maybe you will have better light in the mornings with day light savings. It seemed strange this morning for the sun to be up when Joel was leaving for work.

This is Joel now, finishing the post for Katie, who is curled up on the couch.

We’re sorry to hear things are so tough at work. I know how you feel about desiring to redesign something entirely, rather than work with a flawed system. Any changes that people try to make in the school system now just mess up something else.

Please pray for Katie (I’m sure you already are); it’s been a couple months now since she’s really felt well, and it’s wearing on both of us.

‘Twas the eve of elections, when all through the house,

the only one stirring was our little white pet mouse.

The barf bucket was set by the couch with great care,

With hopes that it wouldn’t get used, yet prepared.

While Katie was snuggled up tight on the couch,

I had just settled down to write a poem and grouch

When into my ears there galloped such a clatter

that I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.

I will spare the reader from any more details,

If you don’t know, you’ll find out what a pregnancy entails!

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