Our weekend in New York was very nice. We had fun telling people our news. (Actually, it was hard for me to get up the nerve to make the announcement when almost everyone was gathered together at a breakfast, but afterwards it was fun :). ) We enjoyed spending more time with Anneliese and Will, and seeing little Amaya’s antics, and of course getting to see every body up there. Everyone asked us about all of you.

Elizabeth and Jesse, we’re looking forward to this weekend! Whether we go camping or you guys come here it will be really nice to see you again. Elizabeth, rumor has it that you are praying for bad weather. 🙂 If you guys feel like it would be too much to go camping, or just that it would be pleasenter to just come to the house and visit, that is fine with us! If the weather’s nice, we would still be up for camping, but it isn’t like we would be very disappointed if we didn’t. Either way is great! It is getting a bit chilly out, especially for Nessa.

Kevin, the plants in your pond are beautiful. Do you think they will still be blooming at Thanksgiving? I finally feel like Thanksgiving isn’t that far away anymore. On Saturday night at Will and Anneliese’s they had a cook out, which a bunch of people from their church came to, a long with some of the family. We contributed patriotic ketchup. 🙂

~:~ Katie

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