Well, I got most of the exam done today. I think I know what I need to do for the rest of it tomorrow. My brain is wiped out. I meant to go into work this evening but there’s no way I’d be productive. I don’t even feel like cooking, though my tummy is grumbling. If it weren’t a weekend I’d use my blood donation thingys and go to Olive Garden or something. I don’t know that I’ve ever used any.

My water hyacinths are blooming! I’m very excited. I was getting worried.

Can you believe these things are a restricted weed!? I guess if it grows so quickly (which it does) it’s a trouble maker no matter how pretty it is. I think it finally got happy when I put it up in the filter again and it got lots of good, icky green water flowing through its roots. I need to start collecting filter media. The water is well over it’s chlorinated city-water days.

My one little Mm. Gana Walska bloom has been faithfully opening and closing every day and now I see another on the way up.

It’ll be nice when the Red Flare starts blooming so I can enjoy them when I get home at night. My lotus leaves look a little less like intestinal worms, now, although you still wouldn’t think they belonged to a lotus, except that they’re famous for being water repellant.

Well, I better get about fixing some dinner and get caught up on some chores around the house. I also need a bath like Nessa. No splashing for me, though.

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