Nessa had her third bath today and I thought we should post this proof publicly. &#74 She had lots of fun this time. After an initial bit of hesitation and concern, she eventually loosened up and started splashing all around. We finally had to call a halt to it when the her splashes started to reach the space heater.

Third Bath

The Queen of Sheeba ponders the next stumper for Solomon.

A little snapshot of my life as a teacher: several of my best government students are very excited about the release of Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD. They take the movie quite seriously and several have bought their own copies. In the spirit of open-minded fairness I have agreed to watch it but gave the gentle warning that it is unlikely to sway my vote. &#74 While I’m on the subject, at a school event yesterday morning, we heard a very moving talk about homelessness in America and a bill in the 108th Congress (H.R. 2897), called the Bring America Home Act, was mentioned by the speaker. All the students wanted to look it up so they could write and call to support it as the speaker recommended. We are right in the middle of learning how bills go through Congress so it is a great opportunity. So I will be organizing a campaign to support a bill that I really don’t support. It is dead for this term anyway. The last action on it was August 22, 2003 when it was referred to the House Financial Services Committee where the Republican chairperson pigeonholed it. That committee is currently adjured until after the election, and a lame duck session of Congress would be unlikely to take action on it. So my students’ best bet will be to start planning how they can drum up support for it in the next session of Congress.

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