Thanks, Kevin, Jesse, and Elizabeth. I’ve been feeling about the same, except that my cold has finally pretty much completely gone aways, which is very nice.

On Monday when I picked up Steven Bouchoc, he asked me very seriously, “Are you going to have a baby today?” I told him that the baby wouldn’t be born for a very long time still. Then he asked what we were going to name the baby. I said we hadn’t decided yet, and asked if he had any suggestions. Immediately he suggested we name the baby “Steven.” But after a few more moments of serious thought, he suggested, “Samuel.” I said that I like that named, but what if the baby was a girl? Steven’s immediate response was an incredulous, “Aaawwwww no! Have a boy!” 🙂 When I picked him up again yesterday, one the first questions he asked was, “Are you gonna have the baby today?” I explained that it would still be a long time… many, many weeks and months. He was rather exasperated by how slowly our baby seemed to be starting out in life. Then he asked, “So, will you baby be born in Florida or California?” This was rather surprising. Then I realized that (I think) most of his siblings were born either in California or Florida, and so those are simply the places that babies are born. He seemed to have a change of heart about the baby being a boy when I showed him some pictures of Nessa on Jesse and Elizabeth’s photo site. He asked what their baby’s name was. I told him, “Nessa.” “Oh! Name your baby Nessa too!” he said excitedly. I asked if it wouldn’t be confusing to have two Nessas, but he said, “No. Name all your babies Nessa, until there are ten –no, eleven– Nessas!” 🙂

Joel and I are going to the farm this weekend, which we are excited about! Well, my house is very messy, and I am behind on school. So, I better try to go have a productive day.


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