It was great to read the latest posts from everyone!

I heard an NPR interview with Pat Buchanan recently, thought it was interesting, and wanted to mention it on here even though no one has the time for such frivolity. NPR probably just did the story to highlight the rifts in the Republican party that Buchanan wrote his most recent book about. I find so much of what he says frustrating, but the part I did enjoy was hearing a very frank yet articulate case made for the real existence of a culture war despite the protests of his interviewer who was protesting that calling it a “war” was too inflaming. Anyway, it was just the kind of conversation you don’t hear everyday.

Please keep my school work in your prayers. I am feeling exhausted and burnt out by it. You are all in our prayers. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Wish you could be there too, Kevin.

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