Elizabeth, I’m very glad that you took the time to write that post. I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂 (You can always shower while you’re here this weekend on vacation- there will be lots of poeple desperate to hold Nessa. But you won’t need to bother to shave your legs, you will fit right in with all the other European legs here.) I’m so glad and excited that you guys are coming tomorrow!!

Kevin, I’m sorry that things are so stressful and busy. That is really neat that your neighbors saved your tree :). I’m amazed at how much you accomplish! I need a lesson in your discipline. I see my house a lot in the daylight… all day ever day pretty much, but it seems like you get a lot more done on yours than I do on ours. (I haven’t even finished the curtains that we use for kitchen cabinets.) Elizabeth is working and being a full time Mommy, and I bet I’m frumpier than she is. (Elizabeth, I have never seen you look even a little bit frumpy.) I need to learn a lesson from all of you and be a better steward of my time! I feel like I’m doing stuff all day, but I know that I could be doing it much more efficiently.

Grandma Hake just called me and invited up for a bowl of stew. 🙂 So I better go get it while it is hot.



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