Lizz, I sympathize with you about Columbus Day at least as far as Google goes. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of another government holiday, though. I think Sergey and Larry have been slacking off as they bask in the continued glow of GOOG.

Mom, I can imagine how you feel, too. I’m under more than a little stress right now. I think this is all worse than school ever was (except for maybe an odd day here or there). It seems like there is just no end in sight to the stream of pressing stuff that is more than I can hope to get to.

A couple of bright spots and one odd story and then I have to run.

First: I haven’t seen my house in the daylight since Sunday because I leave at 6 AM and don’t get back till really late, but I came home early today to try and get caught up on class work and, lo and behold, my mulberry tree, which has been on its side since Frances and has made me want to cry every time I think about it, was righted and propped up beautifully with boards. My next door neighbor had taken pity on it and propped it up so that it wouldn’t die. I’ll have to bake them a plate of cookies some time in 2005 when I have time to breath…. lol.

Second: I opened the mail today and found two checks from my insurance company. A $160 one for damages to my house and a $1400 one for the fence. That is way more than I had been expecting. I’m really grateful. It’ll make the cleanup process go so much better when I get around to it.

The odd story: I was laying on the kitchen floor eating dinner this evening and reading World (I blew a light bulb in my dining room and haven’t had a chance to buy new bulbs yet) when there was a loud crash and some yells outside. A couple kids on dirt bikes were racing down the street in the dark and one of them didn’t make the turn and took out Wanda’s mailbox and he and his bike spun about 10 yards through the mud. He didn’t have any protective clothing on is extremely fortunate not to have landed on the road. The mail box was in small, smashed pieces. Anyway, Wanda’s family wasn’t home and after ascertaining that there were no serious injuries I drove the kid home. I went back later to give them a talking to so that they’ll stop by and offer to fix the mailbox tomorrow. I spoke with Lucas’ mom and dad briefly. They didn’t seem to want to broach the subject of what happened with Lucas, but looked a little haggard. Whatever it is can’t be easy for them.

About Hermes. Give me a little time to think about it. Is there a deadline that the store is interested? I’m actually toying with the idea of keeping him out on my porch, where the smell wouldn’t be a problem. I could build him a little pen in the yard so he could have some supervised play and join the rest of the animals in roach-fine-dining…

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