I’m really tired. I’ve been wanting to say so many things on the blog but everyday is so full and crazy I can’t find a minute to do it.

We got the George W ketchup, Kevin! We had sort of a party watching Joel and Katie open theirs after we knew what it was! You’re incredible. Thank you. It’s good ketchup too. Praying for election day.

Kevin, I love the pond! So awesome. Can’t wait to see the real thing!

We have been praying every night ( and I during my devotions every morning) for your neighbors across the street and especially for the 14 year old boy. We’ve prayed for wisdom and discretion for you as you try to help or see if there is anyway you can minister to them. Somehow even though I don’t know them it seems so very sobering to me.

two questions for you, Kevin.

1. Would you like Hermes the hedgehog? We are considering selling him to this pet store. He seems healthy and he exercises a lot a night, but the kids never do much with him at all and his cage is hard to clean and seems dirty and smelly so often and they are tired of cleaning it.And I am weary of the dining room being so full of messes. Not a great advertisement for taking poor Hermes! 🙂 I’m not suggesting it, but just thought I’d make sure before we get rid of him.

2. Argh I am too tired to even type out the next question. Tomorrow I’ll try again.

Hi to all body. Can’t wait to see you Hakes on Saturday morning! I get first dibs on holding Nessa! 🙂 It will be wonderful to plan nothing and do nothing together! AHH! Yes. Just to sit and talk and rock….

Praying for your work, Kevin and for your busy lives teaching and nannying Jesse and Elizabeth. Had a very nice evening with Katie and Joel tonight.

Good night. mom.


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