Kevin, the pond looks great–so much potential for growing things. I hope it attracts some local birds, bugs, and amphibians–maybe even a passing alligator or turtle. I want to sit next to it with a microscope and draw the little things that live in the roots and mud. Who is Tiny Tim? The name sounds familiar, but Elizabeth and I couldn’t remember who it belonged to.

I am glad I am not the only one who has been unenthused about this election (By the way, you know that post disappeared right?). But I am still hopeful and excited sometimes. And I am thankful for a president that is steadfast, visionary, and strives to be faithful to God in his leadership of our nation.

Looking at the illustration of the lunar eclipse reminded me of the craziest thing I remember learning about constitutional law. The majority decision in Roe v Wade sighted the constitution’s “penumbra” as the location of the constitutional right to abortion. If constitutions have penumbras, there is no limit to the rights that can be discovered.

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