Good morning everyone. Those extra LOTR scenes do look fun, Isaac. That will probably be the second DVD that we own after An Ideal Husband. J Kevin, we were glad to hear the good news about your project at work as well as the course that you are taking. What a relief if that is able to be resolved in a satisfactory way. I always enjoy hearing about your plants. Hearing about each step of your pond project is almost half the fun without any of the hard work. But it does make me want to quit my job and open a greenhouse/pet store extravaganza. J Yesterday at school I put in an ordered for 100 one-inch silkworms from for my Social Studies class because we are studying the products and natural resources of Asia right now. J The administration okayed the idea, so I should be getting them next week.

The election season is starting to get me down. It is probably because I spend to much time following them. Did anyone see any of the debate last night? Bush did much better at looking less annoyed by Kerry. That was something the media couldn’t get enough of last time. I still wish Bush would admit to making some mistakes. Not about large things like the decision to go to war, but just about some of the smaller choices along the way where he could have done better. A lady asked him if he could name three mistakes that he had made as president. He said that he made some “tactical errors” and some bad “appointments” but he didn’t want to “embarrass” anyone by getting into specifics. I think he would do better to have a short list of things for which he is willing to take direct responsibility. His unwavering leadership is a strong point, but I think it would be helpful for him to speak candidly about some things that he could have done better in hindsight. Things like a better administration of prisons in Iraq.

Nessa continues to grow so fast. She is more talkative and funny every day. It is so much fun for us. I can’t wait for next weekend.

Well, I better go. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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