Thanks for the update on LOTR ROTK, Otto. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually pick up that DVD.

We’re making really good progress on the software fix for production. I don’t think it’ll take us the whole three weeks, which would be nice. Also, I’ve been continuing to talk to Iowa State and it looks like they might work it so I can just do the class independently in the Spring and still get credit for it (which means I get paid back by Rockwell). So, hopefully that will come to pass.

My lilies and lotus, which weren’t supposed to ship till spring, suddenly showed up on my doorstep last night when I stumbled home exhausted and so I had to run out to Home Depot and get planting materials and pot them up in the dark and get them in the water. The plants all looked really healthy, but the lilies were in full bloom and had leaves and flowers and everything. The night blooming variety had a couple of flowers open this morning when I went out to peek at them. Hopefully they’ll be ok having shipped that way. I’ve been having a little trouble with my filter leaking because I skimped a tad on the liner. I’ve got one possible work around I’m gonna try short of tearing it out and relining.

The last traffic light between home and work was installed last night! It’s very exciting. I forever despise four way stops now. The last little niggling problem is one turn arrow that is wired in-correctly and the colors run in reverse red-yellow-green-red… rather a hazardous pattern.

Don’t miss the full lunar eclipse on the 27th!

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