Jesse and Elizabeth, Joel and I enjoyed the new pictures of Nessa!! She is so cute!! I couldn’t get over her big, beautiful eyes in the pictures. It’s funny that she doesn’t smile at the camera 🙂 You would think that having so many pictures taken of her starting when she was first born, that she would hardly notice the camera. We can’t wait to see you in a few weeks and get to see her smiles in person.

Kevin, we enjoyed your photos too. That one of the street sign was great! I’m so glad you have power again. I’m always amazed at how much we use electricity–I realize it when its not there. Just going a day with out it makes you really appreciate it. We’re so excited to finally be coming down!!

Yesterday Joel and I got to go along on a very fun and interesting field trip. Dad is teaching Shakespeare this year at PHC, and he took a bunch of students to see a Shakespeare play in Staunton (sp?), VA. Mom, Becky, Isaac, Luke, Liesl and us got to go along too. It was a very fun day! The play house was a replica of one of the buildings that Shakespeare’s works were performed in, back in his day. I think it was called Friarhouse…but I can’t think right now, so Dad or someone will have to correct me if that is wrong. Anyway, the inside was gorgeous. Everything was made out of wood, and so tastefully and beautifully built it was just about worth going just to see the stage and auditorium. Some of the seating was right up on the stage (I guess in Shakepeare’s time, rich and important people sat on stage to watch the show, so that the commoners could see them too.) The play was very well done. It was the Merchant of Venice. I won’t go into details right now, because it is getting late and I’m getting sleepy. The acting was great, they stuck well to the original, and it had lots of funny moments and plenty of serious and thoughtful ones too. So that was a special treat, and it was also fun to spend the day with the family. We had a fun dinner on the way home together, and listened to Tolkien in the car. 🙂

I better go to bed. I’d never noticed that you could post in different colors before, so I just thought I’d try it.



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