Welcome to Maywood Ave, Palm Bay Sunday September 26, 2004.

Jess, don’t worry about the tank. I’ll pick one up down here. I’m thinking about getting a corner one anyhow for space. Those dates are a little far in the future to know anything for sure, but either would be great. I might even have a bed for you to sleep in by then… who knows?

I ordered some lilies and a lotus for my pond, but they only ship spring so it’ll be a while before I can actually get them in the water. I need to get some duckweed or something growing in there meanwhile to cut back on the evaporation and keep it cool. The water hyacinth is growing really fast but hasn’t bloomed yet. I’ll try to get some pictures posted soon. I got the big pile of dirt finally spread out today so I can start working towards having a yard back.

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