Kevin, great to hear you are reentering the civilized world. Last I saw, Adam was using the tank. But I am not sure what the status is now. I’ll check with him if he has it set up right now or not. We will miss seeing you at Thanksgiving! I have a four day Winter Weekend on February 18 – 21 and a Spring Break on March 25 – April 1. We would like to plan a trip down there during one of those weekends. Is either of them better for you?

We have some recent photos of Nessa to share. She is getting a very cute fuzzy head of hair and her play is getting more and more “rambunctious.”

Nessa Fifth Month

I have also been following SpaceShipOne. Very interesting. It is set to fly again on Monday. Also, I thought it was interesting when one of my students wrote a current event report about the new Moller SkyCar.


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