Sneaking on quick from work. Word on the street was another week of no power for our neighborhood, although, in general, the restoration seems to be going much quicker this time around.

Bill and Johanna (sp?) showed up last night (they were wondering around Palm Bay trying to find Maywood Ave when I called after hanging up with you, Mom). I assume they made it over to the church this morning and are busily employed. They had so much stuff in the SUV and trailer.

Iowa State won’t refund the money for the DSP class. I’m asking the prof about an extension, but it’s not likely to do any good as the only thing he could extend is the project deadline. I’ll probably just end up dropping it altogether and swallowing the financial loss. Things down here are borderline insane as it is.

SpaceShipOne had a marginally successful first launch towards the X prize. They’ve got two weeks to get back up to win the $10 million.

Am very excited about Thanksgiving. That’ll give me something concrete to work towards having the place spruced up a bit. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

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