I have the most hilarious story to tell. It’s actually from a couple days ago but got washed out to sea with the arrival and upheaval of Hurricane Jeanne. I haven’t had either time or desire to laugh…. and now I’m too tired to write it up. Don’t let me forget to tell it.

The months of October and November look absolutely crazy on Daddy and my calendars. They are going to be like what we all used to call toilet flushes – major events, efforts, outings and goals every weekend of both months and full school/ work/ homeschool weeks between without a breathing spot, but it is all wonderful stuff. It will all go by so quickly we will feel younger at the end of it. … Just wait and see. šŸ™‚

Good night.

Looking forward to you being back on here again, Kevin. Wonder when it will be… Call more often until….hummm I guess when you read this there won’t be any until..:)

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