Jesse, I also really enjoyed hearing about your soccer coaching and prison ministry. I can’t believe how much you and Elizabeth are doing this year! How are your students this year? Kev, your pond looks fun! What do the goldfish look like? Without a fence, you’ll have to watch carefully so your neighbors don’t go fishing in your pond. 🙂 Its good to hear you are not feeling stressed about your classes. Do you still have any pain in your neck from that disc?

Things are very schoolafied around here. Becky and Grandpa and Grandma are the only ones who are not completely engrossed in school work of one kind or another all day long. Mom and the kids seem to have made a great start into an exciting school year. Joel and I keep hearing bits and peices of neat things that they are learning- in everything from Incan history facts to the life of hermit crabs, to new French words they learned so that they could add them into their script for the play. I’m doing my classes full time now. I’m not quite keeping up with my schedule that I made, so I’m going to have to learn to write papers faster I guess. I’m enjoying it though. In my British Literature course I’d already read several of the novels, so that helps me to be able to move quickly. But one of the assigned novels was one that Joel and I had never heard of, “The Moonstone.” We read a bit about it and Joel was curious about it, so we are reading it aloud together (which is a luxury I can’t afford with most of the novels). It is unusual for a Victorian novel, but it is very fun reading. Last night as we were reading we came across a quote that struck both of us as very funny. “I am constitutionally superior to reason…Profit, good friends, I beseech you, by my example. It will save you from many troubles of the vexing sort. Cultivate a superiority to reason, and see how you pare the claws of all the sensible people when they try to scratch you for your own good!” 🙂 I’m thinking about emailing that to my logic professor.

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