I’ll try to get some more photos posted, Jess. I don’t like having to maintain two photo places. I’m thinking I’ll abandon Fotopic since they won’t allow hotlinking. I hear Yahoo has unilimited photo storage for free, I’ll look into that. I’m not sure about the linking.

Sounds like you’re tackling a lot this year. I enjoyed reading about your prison ministry experience and the coaching. That must be kinda fun to coach a team that is starting out that far under the heap.

I’m afraid the orchid doesn’t have a very exciting story. I bought it from a little old ex-school teacher down here who has a couple acres of orchid greenhouses that he maintains singlehandedly. He does a bunch of breeding also. I bought it about 1.5 months ago without any bloom spike and mounted it on the float right away. It seems to be adapting ok, although sometimes it’s stress that triggers blooms… Anyway, I’m thinking about getting a red vanda to balance it out on the other side. I’ll have to see.

I put two fish in the pond today. Little comet gold fish. My neighbors promptly named them Sparkles and Sprinkles, which seem like good enough names. It’s really weird not having a fence up anymore between our houses. It’s actually kind of nice, although I look forward to getting some plants up to block the view of his garage that is always open. A bunch of bog plants came today. Most of them are actually in the front yard in my ditch to see if they’ll naturalize so I don’t have to mow the dumb thing, but a couple of the irises are gonna go by the pond. My pitcher plants and venus flytraps are doing really well. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to keep any alive, but I guess it’s the first time I’ve kept them out in the sun.

It’s really nice not feeling worried about the classes. I guess your guys’ prayers are doing good. I don’t feel particularly more confident that I’ll pass the DSP class, but it just dosen’t seem to matter that much anymore. I was able to enjoy an IEEE meeting last night and renew some Northrop Grumman acquaintences.

I was asked at the BNDC (volunteer tutoring/babysitting for underpriveledged kids) to do some music for their Thanksgiving bash, so I need to find some kid friendly choral music. This Sunday is the church choir’s first performance. We’re a little shaky on our piece since we missed two weeks rehearsal from the weather so tonight was a long slog of drilling. But I still managed to squeeze in the last class I was behind on. I’m pretty wiped out now.

Think of you all all the time and am eager to have visitors next time you guys have a spare week or so and the gas money to drive down. šŸ˜‰

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