Well, I guess the shoe’s on the other foot. You guys ok? Heard about a lot of flooding, landslides (that’s one thing Florida doesn’t have to worry about), and power outages in WV. Good ol’ Ivan.

I’ve got a pond! Between study breaks yesterday I put in the liner.

Liner going in. Then things moved quickly and I filled it with water and plugged the pump in.

A pond! This morning as soon as it got light I lined the filter and filled that.

A pond! However, after I got home from church I realized the filter liner has a leak (probably where the pipe enters it). So, I had to drain that and I think I caulked the leak. It’s part full now and I’m checking to see if it stays that way.

The cap stones all still need to be cemented down but I guess there’s no huge rush on that and the falls needs to be constructed. I’m pretty happy. I’ve got some grasses and stuff in there to get the water ready for the gold fish someone is giving me (and one water hyacinth you can see in the photo).

Also, my orchid is blooming.

Blue Vanda I’ll try to give a call tonight and check on you guys. Starting discipleship classes and membership classes today so lots of church…

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